Karlsson Klimat AB


1. The heat occupying part - low pressure

This part of a heat pump is called evaporator. Through the evaporator the refrigerant runs with a low temperature and boiling point.
The evaporator is heated by nature and this causes the refrigerant to evaporate

2. Pressure increasing part - high pressure

This part is the compressor. The warmed refrigerant comp rhyme avalanches and the pressure
increase so that both the temperature and its condensing point ascends strongly

3. Heat giving part - high pressure

This part of the heat pump transfers the heat to the house and is called a heat exchanger.
The refrigerant passes through the heat exchanger with a high-temperature and condensing point.
In the heat exchanger the refrigerant is cooled down by the house’s heating (e.g. radiators, floor heating), which leads to that the refrigerant condenses

4. Pressure lowering part - low pressure

This part consists of an expansion valve which expands the cooled refrigerant. This lowers the pressure which results in a substantial lowering of
temperature and boiling point of the refrigerant.