Karlsson Klimat AB

Kurt Karlsson

This is the story of a man who, with his ideas, was far ahead of his time. A man whose creative activities and curiosity would give rise to many exciting solutions.
Kurt is still called by some who participated in the good old time for the heat pump's father. His early thoughts and ideas are still the foundation of the industry today. Focus on saving energy is most relevant today but then once in the early 60's was there any new and largely unknown fields.
You can say that Kurt's career started when, after his eight years in elementary school, started selling freezers and refrigerators to stores. Here he began to wonder why you did not use the heat energy that was just blown straight out in the fresh air. Could you recover this energy in a simple and cheap way to heat the room instead?
Certainly, it was possible, and with this the road was stretched out. The Kryotherm was formed with a clear business idea whose lead star was and still is Simplicity and reliability. In 1967, Kryotherm started in Furulund, outside Lund, and Kurt developed his basic idea of recycle excess heat. Kurt has since long terminated his involvement in Kryotherm.
After the Kryotherm, Kurt started his second company, Klimatkyla AB, which includes delivered three large heat pump facilities for industrial premises and department stores, e.g. IKEA in Köping, Copenhagen and Oslo. Klimatkyla AB was sold to Euroc during the 1970s, which changed the name to Technotherm. Kurt himself was part of the deal and was employed as an inventor with a seat in Euroc Development AB. During his time at Euroc, Kurt worked with solar capture technology, heat pump technology combined with the sterling engine and extracting electricity from manure gas.