Karlsson Klimat AB


To measure your heating need is quite easy, especially when using electrical heating. Do as follows:
This should be done when you are away with the family for a couple of days and the outdoor temperature is less then plus five degrees Celsius, for example during a winter weekend vacation.
1. Power off the refrigerator, freezer and all electrical appliances even the hot water boiler.
2. Transcribe the electricity meter.
3. At your return to the house transcribe the electricity meter once again.
4. Note down the outdoor temperature and the variations during the days you where gone.

Now calculate the average temperature during the days you where gone. Calculate the difference between the first transcription and second of the electricity meter, turn it into Wh by adding three zeros. Calculate your heat necessity by dividing the Wh with (20 minus the average outdoor temperature) (we assumed that you kept 20 degrees Celsius during you time away). The result is consumption in W/K.
The result could be compared to 100 W/K (ventilation included) which should be normal for a newly build house 120 m2. If your house necessity for heat is larger, you should analyse how to lower the consumption.